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Use Dekhlo Khabar.com

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Intellectual Property

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Contributions to DEKHLO KHABAR

  • You share any contribution with DEKHLO KHABAR (text, photos, graphics, video, audio, or any other content) and you grant DEKHLO KHABAR permission to use it in any way it wishes. This includes modification and adaptation for editorial and operational reasons. In some cases, DEKHLO KHABAR may share your contribution with trusted third parties or news agencies.
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Dekhlo Khabar.com communities

Register with Dekhlo Khabar.com to be able to take part in selected Dekhlo Khabar.com communities and to make contributions. Personal information provided as part of the registration process or any other interaction with Dekhlo Khabar.com may be stored, used, and collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Dekhlo Khabar.com communities, including message boards, shall be used according to the following Community Rules.

This is unacceptable

  • Material or disruptive, offensive, or abusive behavior
  • Unlawful or objectionable content
  • Spamming and off-topic material
  • Advertising and promoting
  • “Spoilers”, i.e. material that contains plot developments that haven’t previously been published or transmitted in Pakistani media.
  • Impersonation
  • Inappropriate user names
  • If permitted by local house rules, posting URLs (website addresses) is not allowed.
  • Misuse of the complaints system
  • Contributions that are not your original work or infringe on the rights of others
  • Accounts not associated with a valid email address can be accessed frequently.
  • Multiple logins are used to disrupt a community or frustrate other users.
  • You may attempt to conceal multiple accounts or pretend to be from Pakistan.

We recommend that you do not reveal any personal information to anyone in any DEKHLO KHABAR group.

Brute of Rules can have serious consequences

  • If DEKHLO KHABAR believes that you have violated any of these Rules, DEKHLO KHABAR can use any information it has about you to stop you from further breaches. This could include notifying your school, employer, or email provider about the breach.
  • DEKHLO KHABAR reserves all rights to take action against any DEKHLO KHABAR account or delete any contribution at any time for any reason, and without assigning any reason.

For users under 18:

Before you can participate in any Dekhlo Khabar.com community, or make any contributions, you must get permission from your parent or guardian.

Disclaimers and Limitation on Liability

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  • DEKHLO KHABAR is not liable for the following damages or losses (regardless of whether such damages or losses were foreseeable, foreseeable, or known): (a.) Loss of data;(b) loss revenue or anticipated profits;(c) Loss of business; (d.) Loss of opportunity; (e.) Loss of goodwill or injury of reputation; (f.) Any indirect, consequential special, or exemplary damages arising out of the use of this site, regardless of the cause of action
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  • DEKHLO KHABAR’s inability or delay to enforce or exercise any rights under these terms does NOT constitute a waiver
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