PUBG WhatsApp Group Links 2022

PUBG Mobile WhatsApp Groups for UK US Asain Players | 2022

Pubg whatsapp group links

Hello guys, we hope everything goes well. Today we have a new topic for the gaming community. People mostly search the internet for Redeem Codes, UCs, etc., and the main source of this information has spread from social media groups. WhatsApp groups are very popular among Pubg players where they share experiences, use codes, news, updates, new developments, etc. Here we have a list of WhatsApp groups where you can get a lot of information.

Pung Mobile is becoming extremely popular around the world, especially due to its tournaments and the release of new Royal Passes. Every Pubg player is looking for new codes of use around skins, tools, rifles, etc.

That’s why we decided to publish a series of such articles where you can find group links from around the world. This is the first article of the series starting from Pubg and will go for many other games.

How to join a Pubg Mobile WhatsApp groups

Please follow the method below to join a group.

  • Step one is to browse for WhatsApp group links
  • Then select a group link, and it will take you to the WhatsApp login option, can open a new page
  • Then click on the Join group tab
  • If the group is not already full of participants, you will successfully become a member of the group

Rules for joining WhatsApp groups

There are certain rules for group community and you need to follow these rules.

  • Please do not abuse, target, or make personal comments
  • Strictly to the main topics of the group and share only relevant posts, links, data
  • Please do not share your personal information, bank account details, credit card details with anyone unless you know them very well
  • Please report any problem to the group administrator
  • Please do not share spam links
  • Respect everyone in the group
  • Please avoid sharing voice memos, media links or video clips

List of WhatsApp groups-1

Pubg zone: WhatsApp Group Link

List of WhatsApp groups-2

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This article is for informational purposes only and we strongly recommend that you do not share any personal information. We are not responsible for any damage that has occurred as a result of any of these groups.

We will be publishing more articles on WhatsApp group links soon, please stay tuned.

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