Mobile Legends Free Skins | How to Get Free Skins in MLBB

How To Get Free Skins In MLBB With Mitsuki Modz | 2022


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Skins

MLBB is undoubtedly one of the best action games in the world. The reason behind this popularity may be the striking skins for players. But the game offers a small number of free skins in MLBB. Players have to pay extra money and resources to buy these premium skins.

However, there are many ways to get premium resources for free. The most common way is a twist. Mobile legends sometimes offer players a spin option to win free skins. But this one is very rare in case. Even there are 0.99 or less chances to get the skin you want. For our visitor today, we came up with an idea to get the skins free.

Ways to Get Free Skins in MLBB

There are several ways to get premium skin without any cost in ML. Here we will use different methods that you can use to get your desired skins. Check the list below to select the method you want to try. I have listed several methods, but I can only explain one method here. If you want an explanation of any other method, we’ll go into the comments section so that we can come up with another exciting article with you.

Use codes: Using codes is the easiest way to get free items like skins, diamonds, etc. to get. You can check the list of the latest loose codes at MLBB usage codes

Free Skins Opportunity: Sometimes ML itself offers a chance to win free skin by just spinning a ball or something like a spinning game. You can win by trying your luck there.

Promotional opportunities: The MLBB game upgrades the game and they come out with new skins every month. When they release new skins, the ML marketing team gives away some skins for free. If you are a lucky one, you might get free skin.
Ask a friend: In this particular game you have the option to ask your friend for a skin he / she already has.
Search for MPL codes: ML streamers enjoy gifts at the end of each stream. You can get direct skin or diamonds to buy skin.
Buy skin with free diamonds: Do you know that you can buy skins with diamonds that you own in your ML account.
Ask strangers in ML groups: This is a new way to get a skin, you can any stranger in a Mobile Legend Bang Bang Whatsapp Group.

Get free skins with Mitsuki Modz

This method of getting free skins in ML is also very popular and unique. Mobile Legends players always enjoy free skins with Mitsuki Modz. The method of getting free skin in ML with an injector is very common among new players. The players who can not buy skin use this Mitsuki Modz APK. Here are some steps to get this amazing application to access free skins in ML.

  1. Download Mitsuki Modz
  2. Install the APK file on your Android phone.
  3. Mitsuki is a third-party application. To install it, you need to allow third-party applications in the setup of your phone.
  4. You must grant access to your MLBB application.
  5. Launch the newly installed APK.
  6. Get now access to Mobile Legends Bang Bang from the application.
  7. In the skins function you will see all the skins.
  8. You can choose any of the desired sheets from here.


Getting premium skins in ML for free is hard work. Several different methods can be used to get skins free. We have identified methods in the above section. According to ML, new players to get skins with Mitsuki Modz is the simplest way.

To get skins in an easy way, you need to install the application on your phone and proceed with the above method. According to the developer of the application, this APK file is 100% and has no risk on your FF account. For safety, you can first try it on any gas bill.

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