Make Post in Moments Mission PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile New Year Mission

How to Make 1 or 2 Posts in Moments Mission | PUBG mobile phoneCreate-In-Moments-Mission

What is Make Post in Moments Mission?

Hello guys, welcome back to our new blog. Today we will share how to complete a mission in PUBG “Make Post in Moments Mission” with step-by-step approach to complete this short mission in seconds. Many players, especially newcomers, search the internet or YouTube to complete this mission.

Sometimes very simple things become very difficult when you do not know how to do some simple tasks. That is why we are here to help you with this situation.


Normally, these types of missions expire after a month like this mission. First PUBG Mobile launches Make 2 Post in Moments Mission, then they transfer it to another mission, namely Make 1 Post in Moments Mission.

How to complete Moments Mission

It’s just like a social media post as you make posts for your Twitter account or Facebook account. The only difference here is that you have to make any posting, share this with your PUBG Gaming. community.

You just have to choose to create a new post just like social media post and that post will appear for the PUBG gaming community and your mission will be completed within a minute.

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