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Introducing Satta King or Satta Matka

It is a Satta game, where more than one person participates. This is a lottery game based on numbers. You must guess a certain number to win a prize. Satta is illegal in most countries of the world, but playing Satta Matka online is legal in India. The Satta Matka has been playing in the name of ‘Ankada Jugar’ since 1950.

Thousands of people invest in the lottery especially in Europe or they play in casinos just to get rich by the fast track, only a few are lucky enough, they win at the expense of others’ losses.

It is the most played betting game currently played in every district of India. You can participate through betting managers such as brokers or through yourself through online accounts.

Today’s modern world offers you the opportunity to play such games online through game applications or online web portals.

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Gambling is legal and a popular game in India. People who are willing to take high risks, they bet real money in exchange for high profits. It is said that the origin of this game is Nepal but now it is too much known in India where the Government of India has declared it legal and collects a large amount of tax revenue from this game. Under the Special Gambling Law of India Public Gambling Act 1967, gambling is allowed in India but the Indian government can act if they deem it appropriate.

The procedure of the game is not very difficult and you just need to pick a lucky number. If this number is the one that is going to win, you will get several times what the original amount was. Today in India you will get the electronic mode to play bets just like an ATM machine where you have to choose the lucky options and pay electronically.

Indian people gamble on Cricket matches such as winning wickets, player high or low score, match winning team, etc. This bet is very well known in IPL or World Cup season.

It is a very volatile game that you can get rich one day or begging at the same time. You could lose all your money if betting goes against you. This is why gambling is illegal in many parts of the world, especially Pakistan, Arab countries and other Islamic worlds, where this type of game is considered Immoral and Haram.

Satta Koning has many types of Satta. 1. Gali Satta, 2. Desawar Satta, 3. Faridabad Satta, 4. Taj Satta. Originally his name was Matka Satta where you have to choose a lucky number from the many numbers in the Matka, if your number is chosen you will be declared Satta King. Each Satta mode has some features.

There are intermediaries who accept the responsibility of free and fair play and they introduce the electronic mode of payment transfer or real time money transfer to increase the confidence of the gamblers. In the old days, Satta was played while numbers were handwritten on the piece of paper and put in a Matka. Through the introduction of new technology, all these tasks are performed electronically by computer-generated protocols.


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