Free Royal Pass M7 Max C2S4 PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes With 10,000UC

Get Free Royal Pass Cycle 2 Season 4 M7 Max Redeem Codes | 2022


Hello guys, hope you are doing very well and hope you enjoyed our previous articles as well. Every Pubg player is now looking for a new Royal Pass, which is very special with many rewards. Everyone is so excited about the new Royal Pass C2S4. Here we will share how to get free Royal Pass Pubg Mobile Redeem Codes.

Here you’ll get everything you want for a free Royal Pass for Cycle One Season Three.

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How to get your Royal Pass

Some of you have already bought Royal Pass, but most of the players can not afford to buy such an expensive Royal Pass. We’re here for those who can not afford it, but still trying to get through a few tricks.

Many sites offer free Royal Pass, but they allow you on their sites just to fool you and use your time to show ads.


We’ll share some usage codes with you here to get your free Royal Pass C2S4. These are the same rewards that people pay to developers and earn the lot of money through such opportunities and actually they deserve it to make such an amazing game.

Most of the players buy these Royal Passes every time development is released to take themselves on high ranks or high passes.

What is Royal Pass Cycle 2 Season 4, M7 Max?

Royal Pass Cycle 2 Season 4 is part of the periodic release of the season by the developer to engage players with new rewards. These tournaments involve many people around the world who can buy Royal Pass to stand high in the gambling community.

Use code for Royal Pass

You can get and use these codes as early birds due to their limited time offer and therefore you need to share them with your fellow humans to take advantage of this amazing opportunity for free. So hurry up, use the prompt code below before the time expires. Only fee one hundred people can get benefits through these codes.

Use code Reward

S13IFZBz76F Free Royal Pass Cycle 2 Season 4 M7

S13HWHFZ95 Free Royal Pass Cycle 2 Season 4 M7

S13DGMIM9S Free Royal Pass Cycle 2 Season 4 M7

How to use Royal Pass usage codes

You need to follow some very easy steps and most of you are already familiar with these steps.

Choose a code from the above codes that you want to use or replace with another one if it does not work or the code has already reached its limit.

1. Previous use code.

2. Enter your Character ID.

3. Enter verification code.

4. Click Redeem Tab.

5. Then go to Pubg Game and check your mailbox.

Click on the post to use your code.

7. Go to the Inventory section and there will be a coupon.

Enjoy your Royal Pass Season 3 and keep visiting our website for new information. You can also check out our other posts for different games.

If you have any problem or have a suggestion, please mention it in the comment box.

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