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How to get free call points | Free CP Trick and Tip

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Hello guys, today we will share how to get the free point by using a trick in Call of Duty Mobile. You can find many such tricks on the internet, but this trick we are going to share is very easy and actually works.

People need points in Call of duty to buy different items at the store and they have spent money to buy these points but not everyone can spend money and they are looking for free points. That’s why today we share this trick that anyone can easily use.


Why use COD point codes

Codes are used to get free points, gifts, skins or guns. These codes are available on different platforms like groups, game events, tournaments and sometimes developers give to their users. People also buy these codes around points, sheets, tools, guns, etc.

So do not wait and waste your money and time and get free unlimited COD points.

How to get free code for COD

So guys this trick is very simple, let’s do this trick now,

  • The first thing we will do is open these settings,
  • Then go back to the Legal and Privacy Department,
  • Click on Terms of Use and then scroll to the end,
  • Do the same with privacy policy and then go back,
  • COD code

    Copy your player ID,

  • Go back, click CLAN, create a new CLAN, like this “/ FREECODPOINTS” and click Done,
    COD code

  • When you have finished clicking, “let’s play together”, delete it and type / Your ID with FREECP2021, Like this “ABCFREECP2021” when you have done this, go to preference tab and select MULTIPLE and create Clan,
    COD code

  • Then go back to the main menu,
  • Open the chat, and type in the chat section, “/ Your ID with FREECP2021” then go back, do not send this message, this message will remain in the draft,
    COD code

  • Go to the store, click on the COD POINTS you want, cancel the payment and blow message will appear,
    COD code

  • Go back, then click on the MULTIPLAYER tab, select any random game, it does not matter which game mode you have selected, you just need to open the game now, open the settings while playing the game , to leave the match,
  • Reload your COD Mobile, you will get a free code.

Last words

We hope you find this trick very useful. We will continue to share more tricks and tips and for that you need to keep visiting our website.

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