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Clash Royale Free Accounts

Clash Royale | A Strategic Role Play

Hello guys, Welcome to another post related to free premium accounts. Today in this article we will share a list of free active accounts of Clash Royale, a strategic planning game with free gems.

These accounts are collected at some game stores where they are requested for sale. Some of these stores are at advanced levels with many rewards. You can also change your account password to prevent any unauthorized access.

As you read this article, some of the accounts may already be occupied, you do not have to worry, just leave your email address in the comments section to get your free account.


You can create your Clash Royale account with a few easy steps

If you have a valid email ID, just download the Clash Royale app from the Google Play Store or iOS Store. Open your application, complete the requirements such as entering the email address, password, giving your account a name and verifying the email sent by the Clash Royale to your given email address.

You can also play this game through different game engines like Steam, etc. Clash Royals are very popular especially in America, Canada, UK, etc. Its Google Play rating is 4.2 / 5, App Store Apple rating is 4.6 / 5, and Consumer rating is 9/10.

List of free Clash Royale accounts with username and password


Password: KK4 @ 2021


Password: 765480222


Password: shanks21


Password: was @ 955559



Password: 347842xxZ


Password: Raojeshveer87


Password: akshbsYxAVN


Password: Blueskywarrior


Password: madridTwenty


These are advanced level accounts with free gems. If one account denies access to the game, you can try another one. Sometimes the decrease is due to a change in password. We hope you enjoy the article. If you have any issues, please mention them in the comments section.

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