Free BGMI Accounts 2022 | Free Battlegrounds Mobile India Accounts ID & Password, Redeem Codes Updated 2022

Get Free Battlegrounds Mobile India Accounts with User ID and Password and Full Login Method | Use codes 2022 | Latest updatesBattlegrounds-Mobile-India-techapkzone

Hello guys, today in this article we will share lists of free accounts for Battlegrounds Mobile India, a game just like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Indian Variant that is currently popular in India. This list is for those who do not know how to create a new account or who have been banned or blocked by BGMI.

As you are well aware of the fact that the Indian government has the group Pubg Mobile in India, Battlegrounds Mobile India is therefore introduced. If you have an account in Pubg Mobile and want to use the same for Battlegrounds Mobile India, it may not work. Therefore, for some reason people need free accounts to sign up.

These free accounts are generated by hand just to facilitate Pubg Lovers for free.

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Free BGMI Accounts for Indian Pubg Lovers

These free accounts are for Indian players, for a special version of Pubg Mobile. Battleground India is another name of Pubg Mobile game in India after the Indian government banned the earlier version of the game due to some issues with China. Below is the list of free accounts for Indians with Gmail ID and Password.

BGMI free Twitter linked accounts

These accounts have the best avatars, guns, skins, etc.

ID: smileforlife213

Password: smile @ 77ot

ID: pappuku17035711

Password: bahubali1991

ID: pirobanda1234

Password: NikhilG2025

ID: pssmart

Password: progunner41

ID: makadularaji

Password: Jitusingindian

ID: ooopshunter

Password: Ooops @ hunter


BGMI free Facebook linked accounts

List of free accounts linked to social media:

ID: dvilesguns

Password: sooNer7676

ID: kathermwill2000

Password: Btop @ 56ut

ID: karansingwar

Password: kARAN0019

ID: kalianthomis3

Password: KTMzone65777

BGMI free Gmail linked accounts

List of free accounts associated with Gmail IDs:



Password: kghxPlayer @ 2020

Latest updated list of ID and password for BGMI accounts


Password: 123456789


Password: agit2131


Password: 3569851426


Password: jackjones333


Password: 64851325454


Password: 55major55


Password: yusuf2005


Password: danielbrown5


Password: thebestman856


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BGMI free accounts

Get free AKM Skins

BGMI uses codes AKM

List of latest M416 redemption codes:

M416 Skins Name —- Release Codes

Glacier level 1 —– MIDASBUY-M416

M416 Foolish Level 1 —– DTERdasdd180

Live Graffiti —– AEFJKLSDM416

Extreme racing —– DARA-GDFDS

Gold trigger —– BSDASSSREW

Desert Camo —– EDSADASEW

Blood Oath —– OTYLSNESAD

Desert Storm —– MFDHGHGHGH


BGMI SCAR-L sheets use codes

SCAR-l Skins Name—–Use codes


Gold Plated —- BGMIdasdd180

Glorious Gold —– BGMIEGDSCRAL

Lightning —– BGMIDFDFSF00

Yellow stripes —– QLOAUSREW


Sandstorm —– QTYLELINEXX

Solid orange —– AWHGHGHGH

free-akm sheets

For more up-to-date usage codes you can visit our latest articles which are updated daily.๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Latest PUBG Mobile usage codesOsLeave code light off

How to use codes in BGMI

Battleground Mobile India comes with a new redemption center and it differs from the global version, therefore you can not use the old redemption center. BGMI and Pubg global versions have the same method of using codes. you need to follow the simple steps below for each loose code.

    1. Go to Battlegrounds Mobile India website.
    2. Choose the center of salvation
    3. Post required information, e.g. ID, usage code, Captcha, etc.
    4. Click on the redemption icon.
    5. Open your mailbox and get the rewards
    6. Use these sheets from stock

If you have any problem or need a new account, you can ask in the comments section. Your feedback will be applied.

We hope you enjoyed our article on BGMI. We will continue to update these articles with new information as soon as it is available.

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