Dota 2 Heroes Names and Pictures

Dota 2 Heroes Name List for Beginners with Abilities


Dota 2 heroes

As you know, there are 121 Dota heroes who pick up in the game. It is very difficult for newcomers to choose the best heroes from a long list. Dota 2 game is not as easy as other similar games, especially for beginners due to its long and complex list of heroes.

Each hero has a unique role and some of them have multiple roles. Before you start playing, you need to understand each of them and their unique role. There are two teams each consisting of five players.

The easiest heroes to deal with in Dota 2


1. Sven

2. Sniper

3. Wewer

4. Dragon Knight

5. Luna

6. Lina

Best Heroes in Dota 2



Lich is a blue skeleton hero, very intelligent and powerful especially in level 6. Chain Frost is one of his forces, very dangerous for enemies. Lich’s capabilities include Frost Blast, Frost shield, Sinister Gaze, Chain Frost, etc.

dota-2 mind breaker

Spirit damper

An incredible blue cow, very powerful. You do not need too many items to play with Spirit Breaker. It eliminates enemies with its head power. For the relentless pursuit of the target, you must purchase Bulldoze items to increase speed to 8 seconds.


Brush back

It is an aggressive hero with the ability to sneeze, shoot out quill spray. Bristleback is very hard to kill but very easy to play. You can increase its speed with the use of shoes. You can improve your health with Ring of Health.

dota-2 witch doctor

Witch doctor

Witch Doctor is very powerful because of its healing power, its anesthesia and level of damage to enemies. He is a one-man army.



Lion has the ability to turn his enemies into frogs. Its large size put pressure on enemies.


Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is the most active player. You will enjoy it if you like Spirit Breaker. He can run invisibly, steal gold, take down enemies.



Ax can defy its enemies, inflicting great damage with the automatic ax.



Undying is a great hero who can steal power from his enemies, use the effects of zombies and transform himself into a huge flash monster.

Items you need to have in Data 2

Magic Wand: With 200 gold you can buy this Magic Wand to boost your health level.

Boots of Speed: With 500 gold you can buy Boots of Speed ​​to increase your speed.

Aether Lens: This can increase your range of capabilities. It makes your items pro.

Glimmer Cape: This cape will become invisible to your enemies for a few seconds.

Force staff: With this item you can push yourself back

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