Battlefield 2042 Free Accounts 2022

How to get early access for Battlefield 2042 | All expenses 2022


Battlefield 2042, a long-awaited game by EA, will be officially launched on November 19, 2021. There is a way to get early access from November 12th almost a week before everyone gets access to this game through the Early Access campaign. There are two editions of this game: 1. Gold Edition, 2. Ultimate Edition. You can pre-order these two editions for early access or you must be an EA Play Pro subscriber.

We all know we can not afford to pay such large sums, which is why we arrange free resources. These accounts are available for early access to Battlefield 2042 from November 12, 2021. You can also use Steam accounts, but you just have to make little effort, as these accounts mentioned below have many game resources that you can put up for sale to to raise funds and then apply for Battlefield 2042.

Pre-order Prices

Gold Edition: $ 90

Final issue: $ 110

EA Play Pro- Monthly: $ 14.99

EA Play Pro- Annual: $ 99.9

EA Play Pro Monthly Subscription | 5 Giveaway Accounts

These accounts have early access to Battlefield 2042 and the subscription amount is paid until December 2022. You can also use these accounts for many other EA games.


Password: E8967899757A @ 2021



Free access to games With Steam | Accounts donated

Steam is a game engine where you can play many online games. There are also some free games as well as subscription games. You can use these accounts to play Battlefield 2042, but early access may be limited to fewer hours than EA Play Pro subscribers.

Password: 4108642647

Password: Pixac11

Password: horlang3620

Password: grafiy4545

Password: bisaldic471

Password: servey2001

Minimum PC requirements

Operating system 64-bit Windows 10
Processor (AMD) AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Processor (Intel) Intel Core i5-6600K
Memory 8 GB
Graphics Card (AMD) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Graphics card (Nvidia) AMD Radeon RX 560
Hard disk space 100 GB

You do not have to run long surveys to get free accounts, as many free account providers require you to perform certain tasks, such as sharing the posts with your friends, watching long videos, or completing surveys.

Free accounts generated by automated processes are not long lasting due to the non-verification of human. The above list of accounts is manually generated and verified.

You may be able to get more free accounts at Free Steam Accounts Username & Password 2021. This article will be updated with more free resources after November 19 when Battlefield 2042 will be available to everyone.

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