All Time Favorite Xbox Games

All time favorite X-Box Exclusive Games | 2022

all time favorite xbox games

Well, even though the last installation in the Xbox series was back in 2013, the console never goes out of style. More games keep picking up and holding the players. However, if you just want to verify that you own all the best exclusive Xbox games, read on to find out.

Keep in mind that these games are only available on Xbox, hence the exclusive Xbox. Nevertheless, unlike other game consoles like PlayStation or Nintendo, you can get these games on the computers as well.

1. Halo: Combat Evolved

Not only does the game have an amazing story with many interesting aspects, but it was also revolutionary in the industry, so it’s easy to see why Halo: Combat Evolved still receives such amazing comments. The game, published in 2001, the game’s story involves people fighting alien species known as the Covenant. Players are introduced to a diverse group of characters as the game progresses, and they discover more about the enigmatic Halo array.

2. Fable

Since the first game was launched in 2004, the Fable series has been extremely successful. The action role-playing game is one of the most popular Xbox exclusive; the franchise performed well, and many fans enjoyed the game’s distinctive story and landscapes. The reload, presented during the 2020 Xbox demonstration, piqued the interest of the Fable community. Despite the lack of a release date, it is still a widely awaited release.

3. Rat 5

The Gears of War series has long been considered an exclusive Xbox staple. Gears 5 are no different. The Coalition’s 2019 game is the series’ fifth major installment, and it was awarded for its gameplay and the overall amount of material in the base game. The game’s multiplayer component, which includes everything from PvP battles to a spectacular horde mode that just keeps on giving, is not limited to single player or fantastic cooperative story moments. Nevertheless, if you plan to play it with other friends, you will need high speed internet connection. To get one of the best ISPs in the country, contact CenturyLink Customer Service to get your hands on the best affordable internet plans.

4. Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is a vibrant perspective on the zombie apocalypse, as well as a fast-paced and entertaining universe. The 2014 game, developed by Insomniac Games, is recognized for its fast-moving mechanism, which enables players to quickly return to action. It’s even been nominated for Best Xbox Game of the Year, and it’s a big hit. Many people praise the show’s lively environment and humor, which pleases the then popular culture.

5. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite may have taken years to develop, with quite a few setbacks, but fans were rightly amazed by the game’s exciting multiplayer, as well as the massive open world that changes Halo’s single player story. It certainly feels like a major delivery since 2010’s Halo Reach, but the engaging hook adds satisfying agility to Chief, making the fights more interesting.

6. Trial Evolution

Trials is another well-known Xbox franchise. Trials Evolution is a popular motorcycle and dirt bike racing game that many fans will remember. RedLynx released the game in 2012, and it boasts a fun mix of 3D models with 2D platform-like action. Fans of the game appreciated the editing tool, which enabled them to create and share unique maps. This enabled the creation of several separate cards and increased the game’s replayability, which still helps to maintain its position among the favorites.

7. The Medium

Although it is expected to be released on PlayStation in September 2022, it will not be an exclusive Xbox for much longer, it is definitely worth mentioning in this list. Marianne’s literal body and spirit can live side by side on the real and spiritual levels in this psychological horror game, in which you simultaneously explore a dilapidated resort and the anguish of others who have lived there. This format offers some fantastic movie shots as well as a way to explore a captivating story literally and metaphorically. The soundtrack is fantastic too.

8. Killer Instinct

If you’ve ever played a fighting game like Guilty Gear Strive or Injustice 2, you’ll be familiar with Killer Instinct. The gameplay is fantastic – the fighters are diverse, and the combat is mechanically rewarding, with various combinations to learn and execute. And three seasons of expansions after the launch addressed the original issues of the game, such as a shortage of fighters and content.


So there you have it. The best exclusive Xbox games you have to play to see the depiction of the ultimate quality that the console holds.

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